171e Stuffed Squit Curry (Gulai Cumi Isi)



750 gram Squit cleaned and washed. Take out the ink tubes.

8 tbs. Oil for frying

4 pcs Kaffir lime leaves

1 stalk Lemon grass cut in half

3 cm Galagal crushed

1 pcs Turmeric leaf fold

2 pcs Salam leaves

350 ml Thick Coconut Milk

2 pcs Red chilies seeded, chopped

8 pcs Shallot peeled, chopped

3 cloves Garlic peeled, chopped

2 cm Ginger peeled, freid

3 pls Candle nut fried

2 cm Turmeric peeled, freid

1/2 tbs. Palm Sugar

1 tsp. Tamarin Juice optional

50 gram Carrot cut in 0,5 cm cubes

75 gram Squit feet finely chopped

200 gram Tune Fish finely chopped

2 pcs Egg beaten

1 tbsp. Garam

1/2 tsp. Pepper

1 tsp. Salt


Mix well chopped tune fish (or chicken as substitute), chopped squid feet, carrot with salt, pepper, chopped garlic and beaten egg. Put aside the tune fish mixture. Take one pcs of squid and stuff with tune fish filling. Closed the end of the stuffed squid with toothpick. In fry pan placed four spoons vegetable oil and ginger, candle nut and turmeric. Fried until cooked. Put aside.

Blend all the ingredients and fried ginger, candle nut, turmeric until turn into curry paste. In fry pan placed four spoon vegetable oil and curry paste stir over low heat until the color turn into golden. Add lime leaves, turmeric leaf, lemon grass, galangal and salam leaves, sugar, pepper. Add stuffed squid and stir, pour coconut milk simmer a few minutes until the squid tender ( (changing color from transparent to whitish).

Turn down the heat and simmer to reduce the sauce. If it become too thick, add a little water or more coconut milk. When squid is cooked and sauce is desire consistency, add optional tamarind juice.