148e Vegetables in Coconut Milk Stew (Sayur Lodeh)



200 grams Keluwih (Artocarpus Camansi) peeled

150 grams Long Green Bean cut into 3 cm

10 pcs Petai Bean (optional) cut into half

50 grams Melinjo leaves

2 Red chiis seeded and sliced finely

2 Green Chilies seeded and sliced finely

3 cloves Garlic peeled and sliced finely

6 Shallot peeled an sliced finely

3 Candle nut

1 tsp. Coriander seeds

2 cm Galagal

2 Salam leaves

1/2 tbs. Palm sugar

1 tsp. Salt

300 ml Thin Coconut milk

200 ml Thick Coconut milk


Cut off the top part and trim off the bottom part of the keluwih. Stand it up, using either the cut bottom or top as a base, and slice off the skin in strips. Cut the keluwih lengthwise into 8 parts and remove the midle part by slicing along each part. Now you're ready to cut each part into 3 cm thin strips or chunks and boil the keluwih until soft, drain the water and put aside..

Blend corrider seeds, garlic, shallots, candlenuts and palm sugar into a paste using a mortar and pestle or food processor.

In a pot bring the thin coconut milk and keluwih into boil. Add the paste ans stir over mediumĀ heat for about 10 minutes. Add long green bean, petai bean, melinjo leaves, green chili, red chili, galangal, salam leaves and boil rapidly for several minutes until the green bean soft.

Turn down the head to low and add salt, thick coconut milk and simmer for another minute. Taste to see if extra palm sugar is needed. Serving suggestion: good to eat with steam rice, Bacem Tofu or Bacem Tempe and salty fried fish.


The keluwih can be replaced with young jack fruits or bamboo shoots or eggplants