147e Spicy Tempe Crisps (Tempe Kering Asem Manis)



200 grams Potatoes cut into small sticks

4 tbs. Vegetable oil

400 grams Tempe (fermented soybean cake) Cut in 0.25 X 1 X 2 cm wide strips

8 pcs Shallots sliced finely

6 gloves Garlic sliced finely

5 pcs Red chili seeded, sliced finely

3 cm Galagal sliced finely

1 stalk Lemon grass cut in half length

2 pcs Salam

1 tbs. Palm sugar

5 tbs. Soy sauce

4 tsp. Sugar

1 tsp. Tamarind Mix with 3 tbs. water

1 tsp. Salt

100 ml Water

100 grams Peanuts Fried

100 ml Vegetable oil for frying


Finely sliced potatoes (the size of toothpicks) then deep fry it until crisp in vegetable oil.

Sliced the tempe into 0.25 X 1 X 2 cm size then deep fry it until crisp in vegetable oil. Stir fry the peanuts until crisp as well.

In fry pan placed four-spoon vegetable oil. Heat oil and gently stir fry garlic until golden, add sliced red chilies and shallots, galagal, lemongrass, salam leaves, palm sugar, sugar, tamarind juice, soya sauce, salt and water. Stir over low heat until the sauce became thick and fragrant.

Put in the potato crisps, fried tempe and peanut continue stirring until well blended, crisp and dry. Remove and ready to serve.