098e Balinese Pork with Sweet Soya Sauce (Babi Kecap Bali)



500 grams Pork Meat cut into bite size

50 ml Vegetable oil for frying

5 tbs. Sweet soy sauce

1 pcs Tomato cut in to 8 pcs

8 pcs Shallots peeled, finely slice

4 pcs Garlic peeled, finely slice

2 pcs Red chili seeded, finely slice

1 tsp. Pepper

2 tsp. Salt

4 tbs. Vegetable oil

2 pcs Salam leaves

3 cm Ginger peeled, finely slice

1 stalk Lemon grass cut into 3 pcs, crushed

50 ml Water


Heat the vegetable oil up. Add the pork and fry little bit until the color little bit brown. Put a side.

In wok (skillet ) over medium heat, stir fry garlic in oil until golden, add shallots, red chili, ginger, lemon grass, salam leaves saute until fragrant. Add pork meat, stir thru until the meat stiff. Add Water. Cover the wok (skillet ) with lid and cook in medium heat, stir occasionally until the meats are tender and the water almost evaporates.

Uncover the wok (skillet,) keep stirring until the oil of meats come out. Add tomato, pepper, salt and soy sauce. If necessary, add some more water or stock to help steam. Remove from heat and serve with warmed rice.