097e Boiled Banana Coat with Grated Coconut (Pisang Rai)



300 grams Rice Flour

50 grams Glutinous Rice Flour

350 ml Water

50 ml Fresh suji leaves (Food coloring: blend 15 leaves+25 ml water, squised the juice)

8 pcs Banana Peel (Kepok or Raja Banana or Ripe Plantine an Afro Banana)

12 cm Pandanus leaves cut in 3 cm lengths

1500 ml Water for boil

250 grams Grated coconut steam

2 tsp. Sugar

1/4 tsp. Salt


Mix both type of flour with, salt, sugar and 350 ml water. Add the fresh food coloring and mix it well to make green batter smooth for coating and not too thin (if too thin, add more rice flour).

Place the peel banana into the batter and coat around the banana with the batter.

Bring 1500 ml water to the boil with a pandan leaf. Add bananas and boil over t for approximately 10 minutes ( until the batter change to the light green color and floating). Drain on clean kitchen towel.

Add a pinch of salt to the steam grated coconut. Rolled the banana over on the grated coconut.

Cut each banana into four peaces and serve on the plate