046e Roasted Chicken in Bamboo Tube (Pa' Piong Ayam)



750 grams Chicken cut into small size

50 grams Miana or Boiled Casava Leaves Subtitus Asian basilicum

200 grams Grated Coconut

3 pcs Red Chilies finely sliced

1 tsp. Sugar Salt to taste

2 pcs Yellow Bamboo Tube @30cm One side must be closed (Schizostachyum brachycladum)

100 ml Coconut Milk

100 cm Banana Leaf

12 pcs Shallot

5 pcs Garlic

3 cm Ginger

3 cm Turmeric (Optional: 1 pcs turmeric leaf, sliced into 8 cm long)

10 pcs Kaffir lime leaves finely sliced

6 pcs Leek sliced into 8 cm long

2 stalks Lemon Grass cut into 4 cm pieces

3 pcs Pandan leaves sliced into 8 cm long


In Toraja ( South Sulawesi), the traditional way of cooking the Pa'piong is by burning the bamboo tubes on a bonfire.


Blend garlic, shallots, turmeric, salt and ginger into a paste using a mortar and pestle or food processor. Mix well with the chicken and coconut milk. Add, kaffir lime, leak, turmeric leaf, miana or basil leaves mix well until blended. Set aside.

Covered the inside of the bamboo (the 30 cm length) with banana leaves. Put the chicken marinated into bamboo tube. Pressed little bit in order to put chicken mixture more deep under in the bamboo tube. Closed the open part of the bamboo with bunch of banana leaves. Preheat oven at 280 ° C. Roast the bamboo tubes in the oven until the chicken is cooked (± 1 hour).Turn over the bamboo once a while. Split the bamboo into half to remove the contents.