034e Fried Rice (Nasi Goreng)



4 tbs. Vegetable oil

700 grams Cooked Rice (preferably cooked the day before and chilled)

1 pcs Medium size onion finely chopped

2 pcs Red Chillies seeded, chopped

1 tsp. Pepper

2 tsp. Sesame Oil

4 cloves Garlic peel and chopped

4 cloves Shallots peel and chopped

1 tsp. Salt

50 grams Carrot cut in 0.5 cm cube

2 pcs Egg beaten

50 grams Caisim (green vegetables) cut in 1 cm wide, white cabbage (optional)

2 pcs Leek cut in 1 cm wide

150 grams Chicken cut in small pieces, bite size


This dish can be a meal itself on the centre piece to a dinner. Allow about 175 gram cooked rice for each person. Garnish: Cucumber slices, fresh coriander leaves, sate, shrimp crackers, fried egg. The chicken can be substituted with prawns.


Make a rough paste out of red chillies, garlic and shallots either with mortar and pestle or food processor. Put aside. In a bowl combine cooked rice with salt, sesame oil and pepper. Put aside.

Heat oil in large wok and over a medium heat. Stir-fry chicken. Push to one side, add a little more oil if necessary, pour the beaten eggs. Wait a few moments for them to set, and then slightly scramble them. Add chilie paste and stir to dissolve.

Add chicken pieces with carrots, cabbage, green vegetables. Combine well and stir-fry briefly to heat through. Add rice and stir-fry until heated through. Do not overcook or make the rice mushy. Taste to see if extra salt is needed. Remove and serve with garnishes of your choice.