033e Mix steam vegetable with peanut Sauce (Gado Gado)



2 pcs Medium size potatoes peeled, diced in 3 cm cubes, fried

175 gram Carrot cut in 0.75 X 0.75 x 2.5 cm

100 gram Green bean cut into 2.5 cm pieces

20 gram Cucumber seeded, finely cut in 0.75 X 0.75 x 2.5 cm

75 gram Lettuce leaves

100 grams Bean sprouts soaked 1 minutes in boil water and drained.

50 gram Shrimp crakers fried in vegetable oil

3 pcs Eggs boil cut into half.

2 pcs Tofu (10 X 10 cm) cut in 1 cm cube, deep fried in vegetable oil

100 grams White cabbage sliced into strips

200 grams Peanut Sauce Paste

250 milliliter Coconut milk

2 pcs Kaffir lime leaves sliced into strip

1 cm Kencur (white ginger) lesser galangal

1 clove Garlic chopped


In a large saucepan, bring salt and water in to boil. Boil the vegetables (except lettuce, cucumber and white cabbage) separately about 2-5 minutes. Start boil from the light color vegetable: bean sprout, carrot, green bean. Remove from the heat, drain and put a side

In the small saucepan over a low heat cook the garlic, peanut sauce paste, white fragrant ginger and kaffir lime leaves in coconut milk using the wooden spoon to mix the sauce until smooth and achieve the consistency you prefer. Add more coconut milk if you like a thinner dressing.

On a large platter, carefully arrange the boil vegetables, fried potatoes, cucumber and fried tofu on a bed of lettuce leaves with an eye for color contras. Pour dressing over the vegetables and garnish with sliced eggs and shrimp crackers.