032e Young Jackfruit Curry (Gulai Nangka Muda)



750 grams Young Jackfruit sliced into 2 cm thick, steam for 20 minutes. Chrushed little bit.

1000 ml Thick coconut milk

1,5 cm Ginger peeled,fried & crushed

4 cloves Garlic peeled

10 cloves Shallots peeled

2 pcs Red chillies without seed seeded, chopped

4 pcs Candle nut fried

2,5 cm Turmeric peeled, fried

3 cm Galangal bruised

2 pcs Salam leaves

2 stalk Lemon grass bruised

3 pcs Fragrant lime leaves

2 tsp. Tamarind juice

2 tbs. Palm sugar

200 grams Chicken cut into bite size

4 tbs. Vegetable oil

1/2 tsp. Salt to taste

1/2 tsp. Pepper to taste


Blend all the ingredients until turned into paste, except lime leaves, lemon grass, galangal and ginger.

In fry pan place two tablespoons vegetable oil and the paste. Stir over low heat until the color turns golden. Add lime leaves, lemon grass, galangal, tamarind and ginger,sugar, pepper.

Add steamed young jackfruits and chicken. Stir, pour in coconut milk simmer a few minutes until the jackfruits are tender. Turn down the heat and simmer to reduce the sauce until it becomes thick.