028e Yellow Fragrant Rice (Nasi Kuning)



375 grams Uncooked jasmine rice washed and drain

50 grams Uncooked white glutinous rice soaked 30 minutes in the water and drained.

625 ml Coconut milk

2 pcs Fragrant lime leaves

1 pcs Pandan leaf

1 stalk Lemongrass bruised

3 cm Turmeric grated then squeezed the juice

1 tbs. Lime Juice

1 tbs. Salt


Steam the rice and white glutinous rice for about 20 minutes.

In a big pot mix the coconut milk, turmeric water, pandanus leaf, fragrant lime leaves and salt. Boil.

Combine the rice and the coconut milk mixture. Add the lime juice and mix well.

Cook in rice cooker or steamer for 30 minutes, covered, until done.