022e Eggplant and Chicken Stew (Terung & Ayam Masak Santan)



250 Gram Chicken cut in bite-size pieces

2 pcs Eggplant cut into half length, cut in 2 cm wide

250 milliliters Thin coconut milk

500 milliliter Thick Coconut

4 pcs Tomatoes cut into four, cut in 1 cm pieces

4 cloves Garlic sliced

6 cloves Shallot sliced

2 cm Galangal

2 stalk Lemon grass cut in 10 cm pieces

2 pcs Kaffir / fragrant lime leaves

1 pcs Salam Leaf

2 pcs Red fresh chillies seeded, finely sliced

1 pcs Onion cut into four, cut in 1 cm pieces

Salt to taste


Bring thin coconut milk and chicken into boil, add eggplant, galangal, garlic, shallot, and fragrant lime leaves, lemon grass and boil rapidly for several minutes until the eggplant soft.

Turn down the head to low and add tomatoes, onion and chillies, salt, thick coconut milk and simmer for another minute. Taste to see if extra tomato is needed.

Served garnished with chopped Asian basilica leaves or coriander leaves.