006e Oma Poja's Finland Soup (Sup Finlandia)



200 G Salmon Fish cut into small pieces

Salt to taste

1 Onion finely sliced

Vegetable oil

3 Potatoes peeled cut in 1 X1 X1 cm pieces

3 Cloves garlic finely sliced

0.5 Tspn Pepper

250 Ml Milk

200 Ml Shane (sour cream)

2 Pcs carrot peeled cut 1 X1 X1 cm pieces

Permesan cheese to taste


In a frying pan place two tablespoons of vegetable oil, garlic & onion. Stir over low heat until the color turns golden.

Add potatoes & fish and stir. Add milk and simmer for a few minutes until the potatoes are tender.

Add carrots, pepper, salt and Shane(sour cream). Turn down the heat and simmer to reduce the sauce.

Taste to see if extra salt is needed.

Remove and serve sprinkled with permesan.